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MyLearningLink is the web-based portal AHS has created for a wide variety of learning opportunities for both employees and medical staff. Many opportunities are self-directed online courses available at any time. Other courses are instructor led with registration available through MyLearningLink. To log into the MyLearningLink portal from outside the AHS network, go to mylearninglink.ahs.ca  and log in using the same username and password you would use if you were logging on to an AHS computer.

If you are unable to sign in to MyLearningLink with your usual AHS username/password, email medicalstaff.mllaccess@ahs.ca .

Privacy and Information Security Training

All AHS staff, physicians, midwives, students, residents, volunteers and contractors are required to complete privacy and information security training, currently titled Annual Continuing Education (ACE): InfoCare – On Our Best Behaviours. Physicians now have access to complete AHS training modules on MyLearningLink.

When physicians renew this training, they are now asked to complete it in MyLearningLink rather than the external site as it will permit us to track/verify the training and provide executive leadership with more accurate measurements of training completion across AHS.

Previously, privacy and information security training was only available to physicians on an external site. Unfortunately this meant AHS did not have an automated method of tracking/verifying which physicians had completed the training

Refreshed privacy and information security training launching on MyLearningLink in Spring 2019 – Annual Continuing Education (ACE): InfoCare – On Our Best Behaviours. This refreshed module is mandatory prior to gaining access to Connect Care.

Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) Courses

Leadership training is an important aspect of the Canadian Health Care system. Courses offered by the CMA’s Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) can help you become a more effective Medical Leader. AHS has partnered with PLI to offer our Medical Staff specially designed leadership development opportunities.

For courses near you, refer to Upcoming PLI Courses.

For more information regarding an upcoming PLI course contact ProvMAProfDevelopment@ahs.ca.

Learning Resource Navigator (LeaRN)

LeaRN is an interactive web-based application that allows users to search for courses and resources on a variety of leadership topics both internal and external to AHS.  In addition to searching for resources, physicians are able to create an account that allows them to track courses they have taken or wish to take and to leave reviews on resources they have used and courses they have completed. These reviews can then assist other users as they seek out meaningful and useful resources in developing their own learning plans.

The LeaRN application can be accessed at ahs-learn.icomproductions.ca, which is outside the AHS network and is mobile friendly.

Physician Leadership Development

AHS has commissioned a report which reviews national and international leadership development programs for physicians. The reviews are based on evidence and information obtained from peer-reviewed literature; grey literature and online sources; and 53 conversations with leaders in healthcare from Canada, US, Australia and Europe.

Based on these findings, a list of considerations was created for AHS and other health organizations to consider when developing a physician leadership program. The findings are integrated into a change management and maintenance framework to provide a useful and grounded tool for physician leadership development strategies. Read the full report Physician Leadership Development Report.

Clinical Development Opportunities

In addition to leadership professional development, there are also a variety of Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities available to all Practitioners in Alberta.

  • Lifelong Learning – The University of Alberta faculty of Medicine & Dentistry offers a variety of medical education and professional development opportunities.
  • Continuing Medical Education – The University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine offers a broad range of evidence-based accredited learning opportunities for physicians and other health professionals. Their learning opportunities come in a variety of formats including face-to-face, webinars, e-learning and blended learning.


Accreditation, conducted by Accreditation Canada expert peer reviewers, is a process we use to prove and improve our standards of care. Physician input is critical to the success of this continuous cycle of assessment.

The AHS physician leader for Accreditation is Dr. Brent Friesen. If you would like to be discuss the accreditation process, contact him at brent.friesen@ahs.ca or 403-943-1279.

Additional Information

For more information visit Accreditation

Medical Reconciliation

Knowing a patient's complete medication list is critical to providing safe care. Medication Reconciliation (MedRec) is a structured process in which healthcare providers work together with patients, clients, families and care providers to ensure accurate and complete medication information is communicated consistently. This ensures that medications being added, changed or discontinued are carefully assessed and decisions are documented.

For more information, refer to MedRec Info for Physicians.

Calgary Zone

A video has been developed which provides step by step instructions to complete the MedRec process within Calgary's urban hospitals. View MedRec process video.

Upcoming PLI Courses