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Collection & Use of Medical Staff Personal Information

Medical Staff

Medical Affairs is the portfolio within AHS that manages the processes by which health professionals apply to join the AHS Medical Staff and request clinical privileges and the downstream systems that members of the Medical Staff are granted access to. In order to achieve this, Medical Affairs collects and stores personal information about members of the Medical Staff in its Appointment and Privileging system.

Data Point AHS Use
  • Identity verification.
  • Creation and maintenance of AHS-provisioned systems like Connect Care.
Professional College Registration Number
  • Identity verification.
  • Confirmation of licensure to provide activities under the Health Professions Act (Alberta).
  • It may be shared by Medical Affairs with other AHS portfolios, including IT and Human Resources to facilitate internal data matching between systems.
  • AHS is a licensed user of the Medical Identification Number of Canada (MINC).
  • For physicians, MINC is used for identity verification as a unique, life time identifier.
  • It may be shared by Medical Affairs with other AHS portfolios, including IT and Human Resources to facilitate internal data matching between systems.
Phone Number(s)
  • Communication from AHS about: your Medical Staff Appointment and/or Clinical Privileges; system planning initiatives, such as Connect Care implementation; Emergency Preparedness/Disaster response; AHS Recognition programs.
  • Phone numbers may be shared by Medical Affairs with other AHS portfolios but will not be shared with the public or outside organizations.
  • Phone numbers collected by Medical Affairs and stored in the Appointment & Privileging system are not used for communication about individual patient orders/results or on call. Phone numbers for those purposes are collected through other means, for example though Health Information Management, Lab operations, Diagnostic Imaging operations, etc.
Email Address(es)
  • In addition to an AHS-provided email, Medical Staff may provide AHS with up to two additional email addresses.
  • These are used for non-patient specific communication (NOT patient results).
  • Non-AHS email addresses are shared by Medical Affairs only with:
    • The Zone Medical Staff Association where the Medical Staff Practitioner holds their primary zone. A Practitioner may opt out on an annual basis during the Annual Information Verification and Attestation (AIVA) process.
    • AHS Human Resources to administer programs available to non-employees, such as long service recognition programs.
    • Third parties contracted by AHS to deliver an organizational workforce or Medical Staff wide initiative. Examples include Gallup for engagement surveys or a company retained to conduct an online Medical Staff Bylaws amendment vote.
Mailing Address(es)
  • A Medical Staff member is asked to provide a primary business address and a home address.
  • These are used for planning purposes (for example, where to deliver Connect Care training), for AHS recognition award purposes, for official communication about an individual’s Medical Staff Appointment and/or clinical privileges that is not appropriate to email and as a final way to contact a physician should phone and email not otherwise work.
  • Mailing addresses may be shared by Medical Affairs with Human Resources.
Date of Birth
  • Determination of correct Periodic Review Frequency.
  • Workforce forecasting.
  • Supplemental identity verification.
  • Evaluation of application to join the Medical Staff or to change privileges/sites of activity.