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Strategic Clinical NetworksTM

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AHS Review Recommendations – March 23, 2020

Update: At the recommendation of the AHS Review, and based on consultation with many AHS leaders, opportunities to create stronger, more unified teams supporting and driving clinical excellence were identified.

To combine the expertise of the provincial programs and the SCNs, and achieve co-leadership, the SCN and provincial program leaders will adopt a new model to enhance efficiency and innovation through an improved linkage between these programs. This model will consolidate and align the Addiction and Mental Health SCN, Seniors Health SCN, and related provincial programs into two new Centres of Excellence.

A new Medicine SCN will be created through amalgamation of the Respiratory Health and Kidney Health SCNs. This will create additional opportunities to work with operational partners in the acute care space, and to begin work around hospital medicine, focusing on care for hospitalized patients.

We will provide further information about these new centres as it becomes available.

What We Do

Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs) are creating improvements within focused areas of health care. To get the most out of our health care system, AHS has developed networks of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about specific areas of health, challenging them to find new and innovative ways of delivering care that will provide better quality, better outcomes and better value for every Albertan.

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