Foothills Medical Centre Parking Project

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On September 26, 2016, construction of a new parkade at Foothills Medical Centre (FMC) began. The new Central Parkade is slated to open in 2019. This new lot offers more than 2,000 stalls, replacing the previous 1,200 stalls from Lot 1 and 800 stalls from Lot 7 where the new Calgary Cancer Centre is being constructed. Patients and visitors will continue to be given priority parking at FMC.

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We are committed to improving the patient and family member experience on the hospital site, including finding your way to your destination within the Centre.

Use the Best Entrance

Using the best entrance to the Foothills Medical Centre will make it easier for you to get to the correct building.

For any emergency, use the Emergency Entrance off 29th Street NW.

For all non-emergency visits, use the West Entrance located just off 16th Avenue North. If you are coming from the west, use exit onto West Campus Boulevard.

Arriving from the east, use the West Campus Boulevard turn-off from 16th Avenue.

For the University of Calgary Foothills Campus, use the East Entrance off 29th Street.

Drop-off Patients or Visitors

Drop-off areas are available so you can drop off patients and visitors close to their building before you find parking.

For building... ...use drop-off:
All Emergencies Emergency
Main Building A
Special Services Building B
Tom Baker Cancer Centre C or D
South Tower D
McCaig Tower E
Health Sciences Centre F
Grace Women’s Health Centre G
North Tower G
Find the Best Parking Lot

Based on the building you are looking for, use the closest possible parking.

For building... ...use parking:
Main Building West Parking
Special Services Building South Parking
Tom Baker Cancer Centre South Parking
South Tower South Parking
McCaig Tower West Parking
Health Sciences Centre North Parking
Women’s Health Centre East Parking
North Tower East Parking