AHS Facilities: Temporary Service Disruptions - Archive

This page provides information on AHS sites across the province that have, for a limited time, temporarily disrupted services, including bed and care space reductions.

AHS makes every effort to secure staff and physician coverage before taking steps to reduce the number of beds and/or care spaces in any of our facilities. Temporary reductions are only done as a last resort. Temporary disruptions can occur due to staff and physician vacations, vacancies, scheduled upgrades and construction projects in order to enhance patient and family experiences. AHS plans and prepares for bed reductions to minimize impact on patients, staff, and physicians.

Unplanned, temporary service disruptions, including bed reductions, are not unusual for AHS - or any other health system - as services and beds are managed based on patient need, staffing levels, and acuity of patient health, in addition to many other factors. The system is dynamic, and we manage service availability on an hourly and daily basis.

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