Health Technology Assessment & Innovation (HTAI)

The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) & Innovation (I) Department is comprised of 3 Programs:

  • Assessment and Appraisal: Novel technologies and processes are identified and developed to improve the access, quality and sustainability of health care delivery.
  • Replacement/Reassessment: Technologies are examined at pre-determined times after their acquisition and toward the end of their life-cycle to determine safety, efficacy, cost-effectiveness, obsolescence and appropriate use.

The Innovation section is responsible for identifying new and innovative technologies and providing support in combination with industry.

What Services Do These Programs Provide?

  • Recommendations, prioritization processes
  • Briefing reports, rapid reviews
  • Economic analysis of technology or processes
  • Operational Financial Impact Analysis (OFIA)
  • Industry engagement
  • Internal R&D activities

Quick Links

The HTAI team provides expertise and skills in the areas of health technology assessment and appraisal, innovation, clinical epidemiology and project management.

HTAI has two main components, assessment of health technology (HTA) and support of new health care innovations (I).


Director: Dr. Don Juzwishin