Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs)

Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs) are creating improvements within focused areas of health care.

To get the most out of our health care system, AHS has developed networks of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about specific areas of health, challenging them to find new and innovative ways of delivering care that will provide better quality, better outcomes and better value for every Albertan.

SCN Websites

SCN Websites

Getting Involved

Quick Facts

What is a Strategic Clinical Network (SCN)?

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Members of the SCN Family

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SCN Projects

Project Storyboards

Addiction & Mental Health SCN

Bone & Joint Health SCN

Cancer SCN

Cardiovascular Health and Stroke SCN

Critical Care SCN

Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition

Emergency SCN

  • not available, to learn more visit their website

Kidney Health SCN

  • not available, to learn more visit their website

Maternal Newborn Child & Youth SCN

  • not available, to learn more visit their website

Population, Public & Indigenous Health SCN

  • not available, to learn more visit their website

Respiratory Health SCN

Seniors Health SCN

Surgery SCN

Primary Health Care Integration Network


Research Projects

Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Health System (PRIHS) is a partnership between Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS) and Alberta Health Services (AHS) aimed at improving health outcomes for patients across Alberta.

Awarded PRIHS Grants 2014/15

Awarded PRIHS Grants 2013/14

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