Strategic Clinical Network

The Surgery SCN believes surgical care can be delivered “sooner, safer and smarter” by using evidence to inform decision making at all levels. By finding, sharing and spreading best practises, will ensure patient care at the bedside is safe and effective.

We will help ensure care is available in the right place and at the right time and offers good value for money. The Surgery SCN is dedicated to making surgical care in our province efficient and sustainable.

What's New

Funding opportunties for 2017-18, calls for application are now being accepted for the Surgery SCN SEED Grant Award Program and Summer Surgical Research Studentship (SSRS) Award Program. (Find out more)

Getting Involved

Ideas and input of all stakeholders, including patients and families, are welcome:

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Network Members

Network Leadership

  • Dr. Jonathan White
    Senior Medical Director
  • Jill Robert
    Senior Provincial Director
  • Stacey Litvinchuk
    Executive Director 
  • Dr. Ronald Moore
    Scientific Director
  • Dr. Sanja Schreiber
    Acting Assistant Scientific Director
  • Tim Baron
    Clinical Network Manager
  • Jillian Bates
    Senior Consultant
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