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Health Systems Evaluation and Evidence (HSEE) is a provincial team of experienced professionals in health systems and workforce research and evaluation. We are dedicated to improving health outcomes and the sustainability of the health system through the systematic production of new knowledge. Through collaboration, we listen, ask questions, and facilitate decision-making that is evidence-informed and logic-driven.

Our Approach

HSEE works with AHS leaders, clinicians, other researchers, program managers and frontline staff at the local, zonal, provincial, and national levels to provide evidence that improves clinical workforce utilization, professional practice and the provision of quality patient care. We also work with external partners within the health system who require services on a cost-recovery basis. Our practice is guided by the following principles:

  • We are committed to applying nationally recognized research and evaluation competencies and standards to our work to protect the integrity and reliability of results.
  • We collaborate with you throughout the evaluation to ensure that the process is relevant and timely. We believe collaboration is key to success.
  • We help you understand the evaluation process and build capacity for evidence-informed decision-making.
  • We are committed to the highest ethical standard at all stages of the research and evaluation process. Ethical oversight is essential to reduce risk and protect the personal and health information of all participants.

View our Directory of Research and Evaluation Reports for a list of research and evaluation work completed between January 1, 2006 and March 31, 2018.

Our Services

HSEE is a full-service operation and can assist with projects of any scope. We can accommodate short- and long-term projects and system-level initiatives. To request a consultation for evaluation support, complete the following form Request for Consultation Health Systems Evaluation and Evidence.

Our team is committed to:

  • Ensuring solid knowledge and expertise on concepts, principles and methods to provide scientifically sound research and evaluation studies.
  • Constructing new knowledge that supports accountability, identifies strengths, gaps or improvement opportunities.
  • Supporting the development of innovative strategies to improve patient, provider and system outcomes.
  • Determining impact and value of existing or new health system functions.
  • Participating in discussions about health system issues, service delivery models and workforce utilization.

Our team members will work collaboratively with you by:

Partnering on research and evaluation studies

  • Providing leadership that supports the design of new initiatives and innovations.
  • Help in refining the goals and objectives of your initiative (as required) and determining the feasibility and readiness for research or evaluation.
  • Designing sound research/evaluation questions and methodology.
  • Creating feasible plans that match available resources.
  • Matching the study to your objectives and goals and organizational priorities.
  • Determining key performance indicators and targets.
  • Sourcing existing secondary data and determining the need for collecting primary data.

Managing data

  • Executing literature searches, synthesis and rapid reviews.
  • Collecting, analyzing and synthesizing qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Managing transcriptions.
  • Cleaning datasets.
  • Constructing and managing databases and dashboards.
  • Creating data dictionaries and coding manuals.

Managing Surveys

  • Addressing any approach to survey work including telephone, webmail, scanned paper-based or in-person surveys.
  • Designing and pretesting questionnaires.
  • Identifying appropriate and cost effective methods.
  • Ensuring valid and reliable results.
  • Avoiding bias, reducing burden.
  • Maximizing response rates.
  • Providing scanning technology (Teleform).
  • Short-term loans for iPads. To borrow an iPad, complete the following form iPad Loan Request.

Disseminating results customized to meet your needs and your targeted audiences

  • Report writing, slide decks, posters.
  • Presentations, webinars.
  • Peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed publications.

Building research and evaluation capacity

  • Mentoring other research and evaluation practitioners.
  • Providing ethics support for projects not requiring a REB review.
  • Customizing training opportunities for AHS groups.
  • Hosting of the Alberta Evaluation Network.
  • Precepting student and volunteer work experience and practicums.

HSEE services are available to all AHS portfolios and other healthcare-related operations in Alberta. We also collaborate with partners from across Canada. Some of our work is funded by a business model of shared service and cost recovery at reasonable rates. Other work is grant-funded.

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