Community Education

Health Sciences Day

The Health Sciences Career Academy is an annual, one day event supported by CASES. This annual event is a partnership between Alberta Health Services, University of Alberta and NAIT. The event provides high school students the opportunity to explore career options in the health sciences. 

Discovery Day

Discovery Day is an annual event hosted by the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. Offered at twelve sites across Canada, Discovery Day in Health Sciences is one way young people are encouraged to explore career options in the health sciences. An average of 250 secondary school students attend annually. CASES supports this event by delivering MIS evidence-based lecture and hands on skills labs. 


CASES is interested in promoting MIS and as such, we’ve regularly been invited to present to high school students so they can decide if MIS is a career path to pursue. Our hands-on presentations get everyone in on the action and thinking about what it takes to become an MIS surgeon. If you’re interested in having us do a presentation for your organization, please contact us.