Below are some practical tools and resources to support healthy eating environments in schools. Click on the resource title to download a PDF/online version of that particular resource.

  • cafeteriaHealthy School Fundraising (French)
    This handout provides steps to help your school create a healthy fundraising policy. It includes tips for successful fundraising and a variety of healthy fundraising ideas.
  • Marketing Healthy Choices (French)
    This handout provides information to assist schools with marketing healthy food choices by explaining product availability, promotion, pricing and placement.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP): Healthy Food Product Specifications:
    This document provides information to help schools with negotiating contracts with vendors and making a smooth transition towards offering healthy food options.
  • Special Lunch Days (also available in French)
    This handout provides information to assist schools to make special lunch days healthy, but still fun.
  • Energy Drink Buzz
    This handout contains information about energy drinks and their effects. There is also an Energy Drink Buzz poster and presentation (with notes pages) for use in schools.
  • School Menu Checklist
    Use this checklist to support healthy food choices when reviewing menus for school meals and snacks.
  • School Food Vendor Checklist
    Use this checklist to determine if vendors and caterers who want to provide food to your school can meet your needs.
  • Resources at a Glance
    Tools to promote and teach healthy eating to students in or out the classroom, or as part of a food program.