Healthy Eating Starts Here

Starting where you live, work, learn and play

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Nutrition Education Materials

Resources to provide nutrition education and guidance on key nutrition topics.



Nutrition Workshops & Classes

Offering a variety of virtual group nutrition workshops and classes.


Workshops & Classes

Nutrition Services

Dietitians, helping Albertans enjoy good health.


Nutrition & Food Services

Nutrition & Food Services

Includes three main areas: Nutrition Services, Patient Food Services and Retail Services.


Healthy Eating Resources

Manuals and toolkits for teaching children and youth about healthy eating or for creating a healthy environment.


Inspiring Healthy Eating

Nutritious recipes to make healthy eating easier.


Healthy Food Checker

Makes choosing healthy, nutrient-rich foods easier.


Nutrition for Recovery

Resource to support recovery and rehabilitation with Post-COVID-19 Syndrome (Long COVID).



Can affect people of all ages, of all body sizes, and in all care settings.


Nutrition Guidelines

Provincial resource that provides health professionals with consistent, evidence-based messaging for key nutrition topics.


Steps to a Healthier You

Helping Albertans understand what it means to eat healthy and how to make personal changes in their eating habits where they live, work, learn or play.

Healthy eating is an important lifestyle behaviour that promotes health.

The Steps are based on:

Take the five week challenge to make small changes to improve your meals and eat healthier.

Start Now

Discover new ways to make changes. Follow any of the steps and start your journey to a healthier you.