Quality Innovation Fund

Medical Staff

Alberta Health Services (AHS) always seeks ways to improve the quality of the health services we provide. The Quality Innovation (QI) Fund supports front-line care teams that are driving quality improvement efforts in a variety of clinical areas.

Applications are accepted annually and are evaluated and funded based on a shared set of criteria.


Email cmo@ahs.ca

Project Funding Requirements

  1. A physician-led team;
  2. A completed project charter including documentation showing alignment with AIW processes;
  3. A budget that includes the amount of funding requested and how it will be used;
  4. A description of what return on investment (ROI) will be achieved by the intervention;
  5. A description of the plan to engage stakeholders, including patients and families;
  6. The ethical risk score obtained by using the ‘A pRoject Ethics Community Consensus Initiative’ (ARECCI) Guidelines for Quality Improvement and Evaluation Projects and the ARECCI Ethics Screening Tool to determine the ethical risk and review requirements;
  7. Indication of how the project aligns with AHS priorities and operational plans;
  8. Evidence that applicable local medical and operational leaders have reviewed and endorsed the project charter;
  9. A mid-year report submitted to zone leadership, CMO and QHI;
  10. A final report submitted to zone leadership, CMO and QHI.

Past and Current Projects

Since 2014/15, AHS has provided funding for 96 physician-led projects across the province to improve healthcare services. Projects range from community to acute care, younger to older patients and support local innovation, best practice, increasing capacity, improving transitions and focus on patient-and family-centred care.

There are currently 40 QI projects underway in the five AHS zones, with $750,000 in funding provided in 2017/18.

North Zone
Physician Lead Project Title / Description Care Area
Dr. Kathryn Koliaska NZ Medical Device Reprocessing electronic database pilot - To establish an electronic operating room booking and medical device reprocessing system based upon existing Meditech OR module, with custom field expansion to accommodate tracking of medical reprocessed devices. Operating Room – Acute Care
Dr. Jan Lategan Decrease the length of stay for hip and knee patients Decreasing the length of stay (LOS) for hip and knee arthroplasty patients in the North Zone. Hip & Knee – Surgery – OT/PT
Dr. Dereck Mok QEII RH Endoscopy Unit Quality Metric Project –

Establishing, embedding and tracking endoscopy quality metrics with a view of improving and demonstrating quality endoscopy services in the NZ. Improvement of the patient experience along the entire spectrum of the endoscopy experience from booking, bowel preparation, and pre-, intra- and post-procedure comfort.
Ambulatory Care – Endoscopy unit
Dr. Jo Ann Robinson Edson Healthcare Centre Quality Improvement Team - focusing on a system change around management of pediatric pain in our ED as the first project of our newly formed Quality Improvement (QI) Team. Acute Care – Emergency Department
Dr. Mo Almikhlafi NLRHC Medicine Antimicrobial Stewardship Initiative – goal, to reduce seasonally adjusted usage of the top 14 antimicrobials as per the quarterly report that AHS produces for all regional hospitals at the NLRHC. Acute Care – Medicine Unit
Dr. Noel Corser Mock Code – Scenarios App Development of a user-friendly, educational mobile application for hospital staff to simulate mock patient code scenarios. All Areas

For information about North Zone projects, contact: donna.oulette@ahs.ca.

Edmonton Zone
Physician Lead Project Title / Description Care Area
Dr. Adrian Wagg Interprofessional care of older people. Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Oleksa Rewa Optimizing Mobility for Critically Ill Patients Undergoing Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy. Department of Critical Care Medicine
Dr. Kevin Bainey Incidence and Outcomes of Non-invasive Cardiac Tests Following Acute Coronary Syndromes. Cardiology, UAH
Dr. Pierre Chue Choosing Wisely Psychiatry Implementation of Antipsychotics Recommendations. Addiction & Mental Health
Dr. Brian Rowe Enhancement of a decision support tool to improve concussion diagnosis in Edmonton Zone Emergency Departments. Emergency Medicine
Dr. Ericka Weibe Developing Optimal Strategies for Sexual Health Care for Oncology Patients in Alberta. Cross Cancer Institute
Dr. Narmin Kassam UAH Admission Protocol Impact on ED consultation and patient flow. Emergency Department, Internal Medicine, UAH
Dr. Alim Hirji
Dr. Coral Paul
Inspired COPD collaborative – Transcendent Care of Complex Populations. UAH Continuing Care
Dr. Narmin Kassam High-cost users of acute care: A deeper dive. General Internal Medicine
Dr. Winnie Sia Be HIP gone with PIH. Women’s Health
Dr. Kevin Klingbeil Enhanced Recovery after Emergency Abdominal Surgery. Grey Nuns Hospital, General Surgery
Dr. Ellina Lytvyak Point–of–IBD–care Health Maintenance. Department of Medicine
Dr. Dianna Wang
Dr. Kumar Kumaran
Improving Access to Mothers Own Milk at Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) through Peer Support Workers. Neonatal ICU RAH
Dr. Raiyan Chowdhury Quality Improvement of Patient and Family Centered Care in the Critical Care Unit A new. Critical Care
Dr. Tamizan Kherani Improving the efficiency of handover in pediatrics - A resident led QI Project. Stollery

For information about Edmonton Zone projects, contact: janine.cousineau@ahs.ca.

Central Zone
Physician Lead Project Title / Description Care Area
Dr. Daniel Edgcumbe Appropriateness of EMS utilization for Inter-Facility transport: Analyze why staff and physicians choose ALS/BLS/NAT for modes of patient transportation. Through identifying these reasons education materials and decision algorithms will be created to ensure proper transportation is booked based off patient requirements. Emergency Room / EMS services
Dr. Michael Russell Complex Medical Outreach Clinic for Red Deer: Creating access to a physician for the homeless population within an area with easy access to this population (IE The Mustard Seed/Street Clinic within Red Deer), and increasing access to primary preventative measures. Primary Care
Dr. Ifeoma Achebe Improving Cultural Safety with FNMI Patients families and communities at Wetaskiwin Hospital and Care Centre and Red Deer Regional Hospital – Examination of Implicit Bias: Create an implicit bias test that will allow staff of Alberta Health Services to test their own implicit bias. The project will offer education on implicit bias and culturally safe care for FNMI (First Nation Metis Indigenous) patients and families. ER in Red Deer and Wetaskiwin

For information about Central Zone projects, contact: joshua.mccutcheon@ahs.ca.

Calgary Zone
Physician Lead Project Title / Description Care Area
Dr. Fabio Ferri de Barros, Dr. Ben Thompson Improving Patient Centred Care and Value in the Management of Low Risk Fractures by Incorporating a Shared Decision Making Model at the Alberta Children's Hospital. Pediatric Emergency Dept, Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic
Dr. Bevan Frizzell Appropriateness of MRI of the Knee for Chronic Pain in Patients With Known Osteoarthritis (OA). Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. James Huffman Airway Management Pause (AMP). Adult Emergency
Dr. Kerri Novak Choosing Wisely: Improving the Appropriateness of use of Esophagogastroscopy in Young Healthy Patients with Dyspepsia. Gastroenterology
Dr. Kuljit (Ken) Parhar Optimization of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Management. Critical Care
Dr. Patrick Quail Building Supportive Living Capacity to Manage Changes in Patient Condition. Seniors, Palliative and Continuing Care
Dr. Russell Quinn CIED Clinic Referral Process: An Opportunity to Rationalize Cardiac Testing and Improve the Patient Experience. Cardiac Sciences
Dr. Kobus Stassen Disclosure Done Well - Video. Patient Safety
Dr. Sonja Wicklum Improved Coordination of Bariatric Services: A Tool to Guide Screening and Assessment from Primary to Specialty Care. Obesity Management
Dr. Iwona Wrobel UNPLUG - Building New Pathways for the Management of Paediatric Constipation Leading to Improved Patient Outcomes, Quality of Life, and Access to Paediatric Gastrointestinal Services. ACH, ACH GI Clinic, Mosaic PCN

For information about Calgary Zone projects, contact: jocelyn.a.maxwell@ahs.ca.

South Zone
Physician Lead Project Title / Description Care Area
Dr. Peter McKernan Chinook Primary Care Network Primary Care Physician Identification: Conduct a root cause analysis to determine how the Chinook Primary Care Network patient registry can align with the AHS CIS-Meditech patient registry and then improve the accuracy of family physician identification in the SZ CIS- Meditech to 97% by December 31, 2017 to facilitate and improve communication between Specialty, Acute Care and Primary Care. Family Practice*
Dr. Lena Derie Gillespie Barriers to effective management of Hospitalized Influenza Patients: Review the management of admitted patients with confirmed influenza to identify possible factors that contribute to appropriate or inappropriate management. Family Practice*
Dr. Susan Witt Catheter Optimization: A comprehensive project to establish measures for incidence and indications of catheterization and perform interventions to decrease incidence. Focus for this year is on the Emergency Department and the medical/surgical wards. Family Practice*
Dr. Susan Witt Red Blood Cell Transfusion Optimization: Evaluate red blood cell transfusion ordering practices at Medicine Hat Regional Hospital using the Choosing Wisely Canada toolkit “Why Give Two When One Will Do”; implement an education strategy for physicians, nurses, and lab staff, and monitor the degree of effectiveness using three performance indicators. Family Practice*
Dr. Susan Witt Optimization of Telemetry Practices at Medicine Hat Regional Hospital: Appropriate use and reduced telemetry duration on the Cardiac Unit is expected to reduce patient wait time in the Emergency Department (ED) and ICU. Patient experience and care as well as hospital patient flow is to be improved. Family Practice*

*Please note that Family Practice is leading the work however there will be an impact to all types of medicine with all 5 projects

For information about South Zone projects, contact: chelsey.hurt@ahs.ca.