Quality Referral Evolution

Improving Communication Between Patients & Physicians

About QuRE

Improved communication between healthcare providers can improve timely access to care, ensure consistent adherence to recommendations and improve relationships and safety for patients. Quality Referral Evolution (QuRE) (pronounced like ‘cure’) is a collaborative initiative between primary care doctors, specialists and patient advisors at AHS, the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, Primary Care Networks and the community to improve the quality of communications between patients and providers, and enhance the standards of practice in the consultation/referral process. To help patients navigate the consultation/referral journey, we’ve developed a new Patient & Caregiver Journal with information and helpful questions they can ask their doctors. In addition, we’ve also developed physician resources like a two-sided Checklist, residency workshops and training modules.

Resources for Patients & Caregivers

Meeting with your family doctor or specialist? Use our new Patient & Caregiver Journal for helpful information and questions you can ask about referrals and consultations.

Resources for Physicians/NPs

We’ve developed physicians/NP resources like:


If you have questions about QuRE, email us at access.ereferral@ahs.ca