Preceptor and Student Information

As a teaching and learning organization, Alberta Health Services (AHS) welcomes student placements. Whether you are a preceptor or a student, find information, and resources to help you as you prepare for a student placement - including free online training, and tools to help you throughout the placement.

Getting the most out of the Preceptor Student Relationship

A preceptorship is a very important and rewarding experience for both the preceptor and student. Check out the resources below for advice in setting expectations for the placement, determining milestones in the student’s development, and evaluating the student’s progress.

Collaborative Practice Education

AHS is committed to providing the best possible care for Albertans. To provide that care, we use a Collaborative Practice Model of Care, bringing together a team of health care providers with the patient at the centre as a strategy. Together, we use all of our valued knowledge, training, and ability, resulting in improved health care for our patients.

Learn more about how AHS supports Collaborative Practice Placement opportunities for students.

E-Learning for Preceptors

Preceptor Learning Module

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Additional Considerations

Both preceptors and students must be aware of the prerequisites for participation in student placement programs and ensure that they meet them before they begin.

Supervision & Mentorship

  • During their placement, students must be under the supervision (direct, indirect, remote) of:
    • An AHS staff member/preceptor, or
    • Accompanied by an instructor from the educational institution.
  • Every student must be assigned a faculty representative that will be available to the student and preceptor for the duration of the placement. Faculty are a resource to you; don’t hesitate to contact them!

Professional Registration & Approved Programs

  • Instructors or students who are regulated practitioners and required to register with a professional college, according to the Health Professions Act (Alberta), must be able to present:
    • Proof of registration; and a
    • Practice permit in good standing.
  • Students of health professions regulated under the Health Professions Act (Alberta) must be:
    • From an educational program that is approved by the council of the supervising health professional’s regulatory college; or
    • From an accredited program recognized by the supervising health professional’s regulatory college.

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