$42.53 to $68.14 per hour

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Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA)


Master’s degree in audiology

What does this job look like at AHS?

Audiologists are the primary health care professionals who evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage hearing and balance (vestibular) disorders in adults and children. Audiologists provide a variety of services related to hearing, tinnitus, and balance for the individuals they serve including:

  • Screening, identification, evaluation and diagnosis of hearing and balance disorders,
  • Promotion, prevention, counseling, treatment, consultation, management, rehabilitation and education of hearing and balance disorders
  • Prescribe, fit and dispense hearing aids and other amplification and hearing assistance technologies
  • Perform ear or hearing related surgical monitoring
  • Assess and treat individuals for cochlear implantation
  • Design and implement hearing conservation programs
  • Work in schools with hard of hearing students; providing diagnostic service and educational support for students, parents and school staff

Audiologists work at a variety of health and community facilities, including hospitals and health centres. The work is fast paced and often involves working in multidisciplinary teams which may include other audiologists, ear-nose-throat specialists, educators of the deaf and hard of hearing, social workers, psychologists, physicians, speech language pathologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, or other health care professionals.

Audiologists may work full-time or part-time hours or on a call-in (casual) basis. Positions may be permanent, temporary or casual depending on department and facility needs. Shift schedules may include a combination of day, evening and weekend shifts.

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