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$42.07 to $56.44 per hour

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Bachelor of science or related educational degree.

Master’s degree is preferred.

What does this job look like at AHS?

Learning is one of seven values that guide the operation of AHS. For this reason, health care professionals with the right mix of education, experience and desire to teach others are given opportunities to fill the role of a instructors. Instructors help to ensure that all multidisciplinary health care team members maintain competence in evidence-based practice for their roles.

Instructors use clinical best practices and patient outcomes to assess the learning needs of health care providers. They plan and develop learning activities, implement the plan, which includes delivering the training/education, and monitor and evaluate transfer of knowledge such as documenting the learning process and outcomes. Instructors provide and facilitate education, based on adult education principles, to health care professionals within the practice area to ensure that clinical competencies and organizational standards and practices are maintained. They promote excellence in clinical practice, identify gaps in knowledge and skills of staff and takes steps to provide the education and support needed to close those gaps.

Instructors can be found in a variety of health care environments including acute care, seniors’ health, cancer care, rehabilitation services and mental health. They typically work in part-time or full-time positions as needed by the program or area of service. The hours of work are usually daytime hours, Monday to Friday. Although not usually at the bedside, the instructor is always in contact with those who are and often consults with management regarding the learning needs of individuals or of the entire team. Instructors are relied upon to be excellent teachers and to ensure competencies in practice are met.

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