Privacy Office

The Privacy Office is responsible for ensuring Alberta Health Services (AHS) complies with legislation relating to the privacy and security of information that could identify an individual, and individuals and the public’s right access to information. This includes compliance with the Health Information Act (“HIA”) and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FOIP”). Privacy is also responsible for AHS records management issues, other than those patient charts managed by Health Information Management. If you would like to access your personal health information please contact the program or facility which provided you with the health service. If you received care at an AHS hospital or urgent care centre, please contact the Health Information Management Department at the facility.

Privacy Intake Line

If you require assistance or cannot find specific information please contact our Privacy Intake Line.

Toll-free Intake Line: 1-877-476-9874
Toll-free Fax Line: 1-877-573-5107