Community Engagement & Communications

Who We Are

The Community Engagement and Communications (CE&C) team works to strategically promote Alberta Health Services, develop relationships with patients and families, enhance the reputation of the organization, and proactively manage a wide variety of issues. The team approaches this work in an integrated, multi-faceted manner that seeks to identify and engage internal and external stakeholders and approach all strategic communications using an iterative, two-way dialogue approach. The CE&C team helps create the voice of AHS by leading engagement strategies for the organization; helping to build awareness of the programs and services offered by AHS and engaging the public using an authentic, transparent, best-practice approach. The portfolio encompasses foundation relations, advisory councils and community engagement, strategic communications and issues management, web and digital services, and marketing/branding.

Building Trust with Albertans. Building Pride in Our People.

Community Engagement and Communications turns information into understanding. Our team of communications and engagement specialists reaches out to patients, families, and communities across the province to engage Albertans in a meaningful, authentic way – to learn about local healthcare needs, to gather public feedback before decisions affecting healthcare delivery are made, to enhance and promote healthy lifestyles and the overall wellness of Albertans, and to share information about available programs and services that address individual needs and community concerns. The CE&C team conducts regular engagement with municipal and provincial elected leaders, foundations, provider groups, unions, Indigenous communities, post-secondary institutions, law enforcement, the media, and many other private sector, public sector, and community-based stakeholders. The team also leads two-way communication and engagement with 112,300 AHS staff, volunteers and physicians within Alberta’s healthcare system. As the largest employer in the province, AHS works to ensure its skilled and dedicated front-line healthcare providers and support staff remain informed, connected, and empowered. The CE&C team guides the internal communications which ensure the organization’s workforce is directly linked to – and fully understands - the over-arching vision, mission, and goals of AHS. Research suggests that a better engaged workforce provides improved care; and the work of our portfolio aims to build engagement and positive culture.

Community & External Relations

Community and External Relations is committed to supporting meaningful and authentic engagement on projects, both large and small, across the province in support of AHS programs, services and initiatives, the team works to:

  • Strengthen relationships with the 16 advisory councils (12 geographically based and four provincial councils) and Wisdom Council.
  • Lead and facilitate relationships with elected officials and Alberta thought leaders.
  • Facilitate engagement sessions supporting major projects across the province such as the Calgary Cancer Centre, Supervised Consumption Services, and Zone Healthcare Planning.
  • Manage the organization’s online engagement platform Together4Health which connects Alberta’s online community with their healthcare system.


AHS Media Relations provides context and timely, credible information in response to questions and commentary in the public interest. The Proactive Issues Management team ensures media responses are up to date, clear, accurate and consistent. Meanwhile, the Proactive Media Relations team works hard to promote and highlight the good work we do in providing quality accessible health care to all Albertans.

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Foundation Relations

This group works to make donor support have more meaning, to go further, and have a lasting legacy. The aim is More Dollars, More Donors, More Gifts. The team works to:

  • Build a culture of philanthropy within AHS and within Alberta, in partnership with AHS’ 69 foundations and trusts.
  • Improve alignment between AHS and foundations on fundraising priorities, and develop collaborative fundraising approaches to maximize participation and donor impact.
  • Strengthen foundation governance and proactively realign roles to improve alignment and donor impact.
  • Find efficiencies and collaboration opportunities among the foundations that support AHS.

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Social Media

AHS recognizes social media platforms and networks as emerging, important tools to accomplish your communication goals as a way to interact with Albertans. Community Engagement and Communications supports the strategic development of these tools.

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