Alberta Health Services (AHS) offers a number of resources to members of its Medical Staff. This page provides links to quality and safety resources; clinical guidelines and protocols; practitioner health and collaboration, Workplace Health and Safety resources, and more.

Mandatory Privacy Breach Reporting

On August 31, 2018 Mandatory Breach reporting will come into effect in Alberta, which means AHS is now required by law to report privacy breaches to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta. It’s important that all AHS staff, physicians and volunteers continue to report any privacy breaches to AHS’ Information & Privacy office. To report a breach you must either fill out the Notification of Privacy Breach Form or e-mail the Information & Privacy office at More information?

Provider Self-Serve Portal (PSSP)

PSSP is a new secure, web-based portal for authorized healthcare providers to manage their practice information and view the contact information of other providers in the Provincial Provider Registry. PSSP will make it easier for authorized AHS and non-AHS healthcare providers to connect with each other, share information and provide timely patient care, particularly in the event of critical test results or a public health emergency. Physicians will be the first health professionals to use the PSSP, with other health professions  to be added in the future. PSSP will be available only to verified end-users of Alberta Netcare, so if you don't have Netcare access yet, you should apply.

Visit to access PSSP.

Physician Advocacy

Advocacy is an important component of the doctor-patient relationship and physicians should individually and collectively advocate with their patients. Advocacy involves the responsible use of expertise and influence to advance patients healthcare interest. To learn more, visit:

Practitioner Advocacy Assistance Line

The Practitioner Advocacy Assistance Line (PAAL) is a central point of contact for practitioners to share concerns or advise the Zone Medical Staff Association (ZMSA) presidents of challenges in advocating for patients and reporting intimidation. Confidential reporting is assured through a secure third party organization.

  • The PAAL toll free number is 1-866-225-7112.

To learn more about PAAL, visit:

Patient Safety

The AHS Patient Safety Department consists of both provincial and Zone-embedded teams who support operational leadership and clinicians in making care safer for Albertan’s through:

  • Event Reporting and Analysis
  • Learning and Improvement
  • Human Factors
  • Systems Analysis of Adverse Events

Across AHS, healthcare providers, medical staff, managers, staff and leaders are committed to safe patient care. As professional and careful as we are, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Together we are working to develop a culture of safety where our commitment is visible and guided by a just culture.

Appropriate Prioritization of Access to Health Services

AHS provides equitable access to health services for Albertans no matter where in the province they live, who they are, or what health concerns they may have. This commitment is outlined in the Appropriate Prioritization of Access to Health Services policy.

In order to support implementation of this policy, AHS has created several physician-specific resources:

Information Sharing Framework

The Information Sharing Framework (ISF) is a joint arrangement between AHS, the AMA and Covenant Health that will help guide issues pertaining to the management of shared electronic medical records. To learn more about how the ISF affects AHS physicians, refer to Information Sharing Framework.

Alberta Netcare eReferral

Alberta Netcare eReferral is Alberta Health Services’ first paperless referral system that allows physicians and clinical support staff to create, submit, track and manage referrals electronically. On Dec. 6, 2018, three new specialties were added to eReferral Consult Request (i.e. requests for in-person appointments with specialists).

eReferral Consult Request is available for the following specialties:

  • Gastroenterology (Fit + Non SCOPE) – Edmonton Zone
  • Breast Health – Calgary Zone
  • Nephrology – Northern Alberta Renal Program (accepting referrals from the North, Edmonton & Central Zones)
  • Oncology – Breast Cancer  - All Zones
  • Oncology – Lung Cancer – All Zones
  • Orthopaedic Surgery – Hip & Knee Joint Replacement (All Zones)
  • Pulmonary Medicine – Calgary Zone
  • Urology – Edmonton Zone. Note: Adult services only

For more information about eReferral, email