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A CMOH order remains in effect that requires continuous masking at all AHS and Covenant facilities provincewide.

Mental Health Resources


Talk to Someone

Dial 911 for Emergency Assistance

Mental Health Helpline – 1-877-303-2642

Addiction Helpline – 1-866-332-2322


Clinically moderated free online peer-to-peer mental health community.


Free daily text messaging services.

Coping and Wellness| Physical Well-being| Substance Use and Addiction| Employment and Finances| Family Matters|
Seniors| Suicide| Mental Wellness Moments Video Series

Coping and Wellness

Physical Well-being

Healthy Eating


Substance Use and Addiction

Employment and Finances

Family Matters



Mental Wellness Moments

In these Mental Wellness Moments, Dr. Nicholas Mitchell offers information and advice on taking care of ourselves during the pandemic.

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