Prevention & Protection


Help protect you and your family against all respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19 and influenza:

Practice good hygiene

Wearing Masks

Effective December 8, 2020: Masks are required in all indoor public places, places of worship, and indoor workplaces, unless you qualify for an exception, masks are required.

When sick, wearing a mask helps prevent us from passing illnesses on to other people. This is why we ask people who have a cough or respiratory symptoms to wear a mask and wash their hands when visiting an emergency department or clinic.

Wearing a homemade or non-medical mask has not been proven to protect the person wearing it. However, wearing a non-medical mask may be helpful in protecting others around you, especially when you do not have symptoms. This is because face coverings are another way to cover your mouth and nose to prevent respiratory droplets from contaminating other people or surfaces. Additionally, wearing a mask may stop you from touching your nose and mouth.

When wearing a non-medical mask or face covering:

Physical Distancing

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