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Alberta Health Services engages Alberta Union of Provincial Employees in linen services improvements

February 10, 2020

EDMONTON - Alberta Health Services (AHS) welcomes the ideas and suggestions of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, as it explores the potential expansion of outsourcing of linen services in Alberta.

“Today, we have informed the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) that we are contemplating issuing a Request for Proposals for the outsourcing of all linen services in Alberta.  We are providing AUPE with an opportunity to share with us any alternate ideas for future linen business models to consider,” said Mauro Chies, Vice President CancerControl Alberta and Clinical Support Services, Alberta Health Services.

“We are considering the outsourcing of linen services as one of the many opportunities presented in the AHS Review report. Outsourcing of all linen services would be an evolution of the existing linen services business model, as we currently outsource just more than 68% of our linen services.

“Our consideration of expanded outsourcing is not a reflection on our linen services staff. This work is being undertaken to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of the services delivered to Albertans, both today and in the years ahead.

“Quality and safety are the core of an effective and efficient healthcare system. New models need to be explored in order to sustain high-quality linen services and address significant costs posed by outdated linen infrastructure.

“Our engagement with AUPE will help identify benefits and risks of various models that will be considered in our final decision making. We will consider any potential ideas that AUPE brings forward, before reaching our final decision on the most efficient and fiscally sustainable approach for AHS and Albertans.

“We understand and appreciate that for some, this feels like uncertainty. We have assured our staff, their unions and our community partners that we will be prudent in our decision making, keeping Albertans at the core of all our considerations.

“This is about Albertans, and the health system that cares for Albertans, every day. We thank AUPE for participating in this important process, for Albertans.”

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James Wood
AHS Communications