Clinical Ethics

Helping to answer difficult questions

How We Help

Health care is complex and sometimes requires us to make difficult decisions where there are no clear answers.

When underlying beliefs and values are in conflict we can help answer questions like:

  • “What is a good thing to do?”
  • “How should this decision be made?”
  • “Is this a reasonable compromise?”

Ethics Framework

The Ethics Framework makes available, a variety of resources to help you address any ethical questions. These resources are designed to support decision-making, and to build our collective ethics IQ.

How to Access

Alberta Health Services physicians, staff, patients, clients and residents can access the Clinical Ethics Service to receive support and assistance in ethically challenging situations.

Have a question?


Administrative Coordinator (all Zones) 1-855-943-2821 | Calgary 403-943-2821

You may also access the Clinical Ethics Service by contacting the Clinical Ethicist at your Site, Program or in your Zone.

What Zone am I in?  Find your zone (map)

Provincial Contact

Al-Noor Nenshi Nathoo
Executive Director

Administrative Coordinator
All Zones 1-855-943-2821 | Calgary 403-943-2821

North Zone

Nikoo Najand, PhD
Clinical Ethicist (also covering Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton) 
780-735-5330 | 587-986-9075

Edmonton Zone

Katherine Duthie, PhD
Clinical Ethicist, Royal Alexandra Hospital
780-735-6910 / 780-860-5281

Andrew Ross, PhD
Clinical Ethicist, Royal Alexandra Hospital

Central Zone

Victoria Seavilleklein, PhD
Clinical Ethicist   

Calgary Zone

Gary Lepine, DTh
Clinical Ethicist
Rockyview General Hospital, South Health Campus

Helgi Eyford, PhD
Clinical Ethicist
Peter Lougheed Centre, Community Care, Mental Health
403-943-4304 | 403-629-3293

Kyle Anstey, PhD
Clinical Ethicist
Foothills Medical Centre, Tom Baker Cancer Centre  

Al-Noor Nenshi Nathoo, BSc, MA
Alberta Children’s Hospital and South Health Campus

Kimberley Stever, MA
Clinical Ethicist
Alberta Children’s Hospital, Public Health

South Zone

Eric Mathison, PhD
Clinical Ethicist