Linen & Environmental Services

Non-AHS employees

Linen & Environmental Services (LES) is a provincial service whose core business is to provide a clean and safe environment that supports accessible, sustainable, patient-focused care. Environmental Services operations focusses on keeping health facilities clean including patient rooms, surgical suites, public areas and offices. Environmental Services provides training and education courses to support our staff.

Note: Access to these courses is intended for non-employees of AHS. If you are employed by AHS, you are required to complete these courses through MyLearningLink. Access to MyLearningLink is available through Insite.

Cleaning Expectations Frequency Table

The cleaning expectations frequency table outlines the minimum cleaning frequencies for routine cleaning (i.e. non-emergent cleaning) at Alberta Health Services facilities to maintain clean and hygienic environments. It is not an exhaustive list, but reflects many typical cleaning frequencies that are expected for most functional areas and cleanable surfaces.