Alberta Referral Pathways

Improving Alberta’s Referral Experience

Alberta Referral Pathways is a provincial project that brings together specialty-specific working groups with members from primary care and specialty care to define what is required on a referral and clarify processes to improve Alberta’s referral experience. The collaboration between both sending and receiving parties of a referral is essential to ensure that the referral guidelines are complete, comprehensive and accessible.

Through the working group’s discussion the following are produced:

  • Clear reasons for referral
  • Provincial standard referral requirements
  • Provincial access targets
  • Clear directions for sending a referral

These can be viewed in the concise quick reference below.

Generic Referral Form - the AHS generic referral form can be used to make a referral to any scheduled service. Specialty specific investigations or requirements may be necessary for the referral to be appropriately triaged, and should be attached and sent with the generic referral form to the receiving service.

Quick Reference for Primary Care

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Working Together

If you are a physician, clinician, a surgeon or an administrator, your expertise is essential for pathway development.

Participate now and be a part of the solution.

  • 6-9 month process
  • 1-2 in-person meetings
  • biweekly or monthly teleconference
  • physician reimbursement

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