AHS’ Patient & Family Advisor Network

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Patient and Family Advisors are patients, families, and other caregivers who partner with areas of the healthcare system (i.e. hospitals, programs, initiatives) to help improve the quality of care for all patients and families.

In doing so, Patient and Family Advisors offer valuable insights and input into the care and services offered by Alberta Health Services (AHS) based on lived experiences. They also have the ability to identify what is being done well and what can be improved, and help develop solutions.

There are many different ways Patient and Family Advisors can partner with healthcare providers at AHS. Some opportunities allow advisors to provide input from the comfort of their home while other opportunities to sitting on a formal committee or council, as a member of a patient advisory group, or with a local or provincial initiative.

Patient and Family Advisors have experience as a patient or a family member, and a passion for wanting to improve the health care experience for all Albertans.

To become involved in the Patient and Family Advisory Network, apply online. Opportunities are available throughout the province.

Advisory Councils

AHS also offers opportunities for Albertans to become involved through our Advisory Councils. Visit the Advisory Council website for more information.