Home Care Request for Expression of Interest & Qualification (RFEOIQ)

Continuing Care

Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Alberta Health (AH) are working together to improve continuing care options for all Albertans. This includes expanding the number of continuing care beds in Alberta and also improving quality and access to home care.

On Thursday, June 2, AHS issued a Request for Expression of Interest and Qualification (RFEOIQ) to identify opportunities for innovative Home Care service delivery in Alberta. Current contracts for Home Care, due to expire in September, 2022, will be extended for six months, with the option to extend for another six months, while the RFEOIQ process is underway.

No changes to Home Care are being made at this time and clients and families will continue to receive the best possible care no matter if they are receiving care from AHS or a contracted service provider. This is about looking into the future to ensure our clients continue to receive the same high-quality services for years to come. AHS will engage with clients and families as this process continues.

The RFEOIQ allows contracted providers to submit proposals to AHS, which are then evaluated and considered for home care contracts in the future. Proponents have eight weeks to submit proposals and the evaluation period will take another six weeks.

The RFEOIQ will help us to provide the same high-quality services for clients and identify new areas for innovation. This will result in enhanced, comprehensive and coordinated care for Home Care clients and their caregivers.

AHS is exploring new contract opportunities separate from this RFEOIQ for owner/operators of congregate private supportive living environments who are interested in directly delivering care to residents in these types of settings.

Home Care is critical to the wellness of clients and their families, allowing individuals to stay in their homes, their communities and close to their loved ones and support networks. Home Care also ensures that acute and facility-based care supports remain available for those who require that level of care.

You can view the RFEOIQ here: http://www.purchasingconnection.ca/

To learn more as the RFEOIQ process moves forward, please refer back to this page. Resources will be updated as new information becomes available. If you are a current client or family member of a client, please email questions to continuingcare@ahs.ca.