Continuing Care Quality

Continuing Care

What is Continuing Care Quality?

In a quality continuing care system, individuals and their families access and receive resident/client centered, effective, evidence based, and safe continuing care services. The Alberta Heath Services Vision for Continuing Care Quality is:

Individuals and their families will access and receive quality safe continuing care services from a high performing, highly reliable Continuing Care System

Quality in continuing care is supported by the following principles:

  • Putting people and their families at the center of their care
  • Being committed to quality and safety
  • Fostering a culture of trust and respect
  • Being focused on wellness and public health
  • Enabling decision-making using the best available evidence
  • Providing the right care in the right place at the right time

Priorities for continuing care quality:

  • Providing appropriate care to the community that is person centered and continuously improving
  • Partnering with patients, residents and families for better outcomes delivered within a fair and consistent learning culture that is based on evidence
  • Achieving health system sustainability, including financial stewardship, proactive resource planning, and a focus on wellness, wellbeing, prevention, integration and coordination