Accessing Continuing Care

Getting Started

Accessing the continuing care system can be initiated by ANYONE. If you think you need some help, you can ask:

After reaching out, you may be set up with a Case Manager and scheduled for an assessment.

Identifying Your Care Needs

A continuing care Case Manager will meet with you and will perform an assessment to determine your unmet healthcare needs. The assessment is called an “interRAI”. You can learn more about this assessment.

You will be actively involved in the assessment, meaning you will have the opportunity to tell your Case Manager anything you think is important, as well as ask any questions you may have. If you live at home, this assessment will be done in your home. If you are in hospital, and are not able to go home for your assessment, it will be done by transition services.

After this assessment is complete, your Case Manager will discuss with you the level of care best suited to your needs. Continuing care living options can provide all the services you need, with as much independence as your abilities will allow.

Charges and Fees

The ability to pay will not be a barrier to accessing continuing care living options. Alberta Health Services has made a commitment to ensure Alberta seniors and adults with disabilities receive the care services they require to support wellness and independence as they age.

Accommodation charges for designated supportive living and long-term care facilities are set by the Government of Alberta.

Continuing Care Services

There are many services that fall under the umbrella of continuing care. Based on your assessment, your case manager may discuss: