Healthcare Career Exploration Camp

Healthcare Career Exploration Camp

Thanks for joining us in 2023!

Applications for the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Healthcare Career Exploration Camp are now closed.

Check back in 2024 for updated information.


Discover exciting careers in healthcare at the AHS Healthcare Career Exploration Camp. This is an ideal opportunity for you to interact with health care professionals, job shadow and experience patient simulation scenarios, and get hands-on health care experience. Gain an understanding of a variety of health care careers, the health care industry, and more.


  • $30.00 per day.
  • Scholarships are available.


Hospital Shadowing - Spend time observing and learning about the wide opportunities available in healthcare. This may include nursing, laboratory, medical device processing, pharmacy and other disciplines.

Meet Healthcare Professionals - Participate in discussions with a variety of healthcare professionals.


This experience will fall under the AHS Job Shadow Policy and will adhere to the requirements of the AHS Job Shadow Policy.

Participants will be required to:

  • Watch the Information & Privacy and IT Security & Awareness video.
  • Complete the online learning module.
  • Submit the signed Confidentiality and User Agreement on the last page of the module prior to the schedule Exploration Camp.
  • Have the Rubella vaccine (German Measles). It is also strongly recommended to have the following vaccinations and/or immunizations: Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Tetanus + Diphtheria, Measles, Mumps, Polio, Hepatitis B, Varicella (Chickenpox), Seasonal Influenza and Tuberculosis skin test.
  • Follow mandatory masking requirements.
  • Sign a media release form.
  • Follow site specific requirements.

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Photos courtesy of the Rural Health Professions Action Plan (RhPAP)