Volunteer Coordinator


$23.35 to $25.67 per hour

Other benefits


Post-secondary education in volunteer program administration or human resources management

Volunteer Administration (CVA) certification


Not required

What does this job look like at AHS?

Volunteer coordinators have a wide range of responsibilities and provide volunteer program leadership in their designated locations. They plan and develop volunteer roles, recruit, screen and train volunteers, as well as recognize volunteers for their efforts and evaluate programs where volunteers give of their time and talents. This is an exciting job with many opportunities for community engagement. Volunteers are essential members of the health-care team and play a role in helping to create positive patient and family-centred care experiences.

Coordinators may work full- or part-time hours. They work primarily in hospitals and community health centres and may be responsible for more than one site or location. Some travel may be required. Coordinators frequently interact with employees and volunteers. They may occasionally be required to make presentations and should be comfortable with public speaking. They also deal with administrative tasks and frequently use computers.

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