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Non-Union Exempt Employee (NUEE)


Post-secondary or graduate degree in management or a related field


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What does this job look like at AHS?

Managers are responsible for leading their staff and coordinating various business activities within the mission, goals and objectives of their department. The manager provides leadership in the daily operation and delivery of services, as well as develops and recommends the operational plan for the program area. Managers identify staff training and development needs as part of their role. They monitor and ensure compliance with budget guidelines and allocate resources based on the business need. Managers assess the effectiveness of programs and activities on the basis of quantifiable outcomes and measures. By putting evaluation processes in place, managers are able to assess the effectiveness of a program or assess the recruitment needs of their department.

Managers typically work full-time hours, Monday to Friday. Some travel may be required depending on the role. Managers may work on-site at health facilities or in corporate offices. They work with other operational managers, staff, union representatives and with other corporate departments such as Finance and Communications. Managers use computers and telephones for a large portion or their work and may be required to sit for long periods of time. Occasionally, they may work in emotional, challenging or stressful circumstances.

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