Instructional Designer

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Competitive compensation package

Other benefits


Non-Union Exempt Employee (NUEE)


Degree in education or other recognized designations related to health informatics

Certificate in adult learning is considered an asset


Not required

What does this job look like at AHS?

Instructional designers play a leadership role in the development and implementation of training programs for various initiatives and/or programs. They lead and support a team of skilled trainers to assist with training delivery and process improvement. Instructional designers are key contributors to the strategic coordination and delivery of educational materials, tools and resources across the organization.

As part of this role, instructional designers develop plans and strategies to ensure staff training aligns with AHS policies, procedures and business goals. They are also responsible for interpreting client needs, assessing requirements and identifying solutions to issues and/or requests. The relationships between instructional designers and various internal stakeholders are essential to ensure the training initiatives and programs are developed with the highest degree of accuracy and include the most relevant information.

Instructional designers typically work full-time hours. They can apply for positions that are either permanent or temporary depending on business needs. They generally work Monday to Friday. Some instructional designers may be required to travel.

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