Maintenance Worker


$23.39 to $35.46 per hour

Other benefits


Grade 10 or an equivalent

Higher classifications require 4th or 5th class power engineer certificate


Not required

What does this job look like at AHS?

Maintenance workers perform essential services within a health care setting: they ensure building systems operate efficiently, machines run smoothly and the physical condition of buildings and grounds are well kept and do not deteriorate. Tasks and responsibilities for maintenance workers range according to the following:

  • Maintenance Worker I: under direct supervision, conduct a variety of basic maintenance repairs and perform general cleaning and grounds keeping duties. In the winter, the majority of time is spent on snow removal.
  • Maintenance Worker II: conduct a variety of semi-skilled maintenance repairs, construct basic architectural and structural components (e.g., wall and wall tiles, ceiling and ceiling tiles), and perform preventative maintenance duties (belts, machine readings, lubrication).
  • Maintenance Worker III: perform a variety of skilled and complex maintenance and repair duties requiring the use of schematics, blueprints and specifications in accordance with accepted standards, regulations and procedures. They perform demand-type repair maintenance and installation duties on complex mechanical systems and equipment as well as some preventative maintenance. They recommend repairs and adjustments to the Supervisor as required, requisition supplies and equipment, and provide technical advice and training to staff as needed. They also prepare reports and may be required to cover shifts.
  • Maintenance Worker IV: perform skilled maintenance and repair duties on specialized equipment and building control systems requiring considerable initiative and judgment in accordance with accepted standards, regulations, manufacturer specifications and procedures. They can provide leadership and support to others within the maintenance team. They may also conduct cost assessments for projects and acts as a contact for outside agencies and specialists.

Maintenance workers work at hospitals, medical centers and specialty institutions such as cancer care and continuing and long-term care centres. Maintenance workers may work full-time or part-time hours. Shift schedules may include a combination of day, evening and weekend shifts.

Maintenance workers are on their feet or standing for much of their shift. They may be required to bend, reach, lift and move heavy equipment and supplies. Their work areas can be noisy and busy, and maintenance workers must carry out their duties with great care and precision, in accordance with established safety standards.

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