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Bachelor’s degree in a health related field

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Infection control practitioners (ICPs) are experts in the prevention and control of healthcare associated infection. They lead the planning, development, implementation, coordination and evaluation of system wide improvements in infection prevention and control. They serve as a role model to promote the goals of the Infection Prevention and Control program within the larger context of the vision and mission of AHS. An ICP facilitates change through interpretation and application of standards, and provides best practice recommendations across the spectrum of the organization with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes and preventing health-care associated infections (HAIs). Infection control practitioners are responsible for consultation to all stakeholders, surveillance, education, risk management and research.

ICPs are responsible for providing quality service to the patients, residents and clients in an effective, efficient and safe manner following established standards and evidence –base practices defined by organizations such as PHAC, CHICA-Canada, APIC and Alberta Health and in peer-review publications.

ICPs work in clinical settings and engage in consultation with healthcare workers. They collect relevant data on patient outcomes and provide surveillance related to key Infection Prevention and Control indicators. Infection control professionals educate and train staff on implementation of infection control practices and coordinate outbreak management and other areas as required. They are responsible for investigating and reporting hospital acquired infection and other practices such as performing hand hygiene.

ICPs work at hospitals, health centers, clinics and other healthcare facilities. They work with a variety of other health care staff, including other technologists, therapists, physicians and nurses in order to provide patients with the best care. Although they often work alone with patients, an infection control practitioners is part of an inter-professional team that includes inpatient staff, cancer care and allied health professionals.

ICPs may work full-time or part-time hours or on a casual basis. They can apply for positions that are permanent, temporary or casual depending on department and facility needs. Shift schedules are generally days, Monday to Friday, and may include some weekend and on-call duty.

ICP roles are located within healthcare facilities with responsibilities across the continuum of care. Interactions between ICPs and other healthcare workers are in person, by telephone, and by email. Expert computer skills are required in terms of developing documents, preparing educational presentations, and analyzing data. Travel between facilities is often required.

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