Medical Photographer

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$38.36 to $49.55 per hour

Other benefits


Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA)


Photography or photographic technology diploma


Not required

What does this job look like at AHS?

Medical photographers take photos that aid in patient assessments and diagnoses. They are also tasked with capturing photos for website, public relations, fundraising, legal, documentary and educational purposes. Using a high-resolution camera, computer software and peripheral devices such as printers and external hard drives, medical photographers create, edit and print photos. They are responsible for maintaining, servicing and troubleshooting photographic equipment. From time to time, they also prepare PowerPoint presentations.

Medical photographers work in a number of different facilities including hospitals and medical centers. They may work full-time or part-time hours, primarily during the day.

Medical photographers are often walking or standing for prolonged periods of time. They use computers regularly, as well as lift and carry photographic equipment. Traveling may be required.

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