2012 Board Expenses

Alberta Health Services amended existing travel and expense policies to align with the new policy recently released by the Alberta Government for travel, meal and hospitality expenses.

The Public Service Subsistence, Travel and Moving Expenses Regulation (Alberta) outlines expense requirements for the AHS Board. This strengthens the AHS Board’s already stringent requirements around what is permissible for reimbursement as an expense. (The AHS Travel, Hospitality and Hosting Policy outlines expense policies for AHS executive staff members at the Senior Vice President level and above, Zone Medical Directors, Chief Medical Officers, Ethics and Compliance Officer, Chief Audit Executive, and the Chief of Staff.)

The new policy includes the public disclosure of approved expense reports submitted by the Board, which are available below.

Both AHS’s Travel, Hospitality and Hosting Policy, and the Public Services Travel Subsistence Policy for the AHS Board, support this organization’s commitment to accountability, transparency and sound financial stewardship.

Claims received in the current month that were accrued in a previous month are posted under the month in which the expenses were incurred.


Stephen Lockwood

AHS Board Chair



Catherine Roozen

Vice Chair

Teri Lynn Bougie

Board Member

Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai

Board Member

Dr. Kamalesh Gangopadhyay

Board Member

Don Johnson

Board Member

John Lehners

Board Member

Don Sieben

Board Member

Dr. Eldon Smith

Board Member

Gord Winkel

Board Member

Other Board Expenses