Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute

“Inspiring Innovation and Knowledge; Leaders in Patient Care”

The Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute in Edmonton is a world leader in complex cardiac care and surgery. With a collaborative approach, our team of highly skilled cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, cardiac care professionals, researchers and educators are advancing the prevention, detection, treatment and study of cardiovascular disease.

11220 83 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta | 780-407-8407 for Patient Information | Services & Programs (listing page) | Parking | Transit | Map

Mazankowski News

Taking charge of your ticker’s health

Taking charge of your ticker’s health

As a patient with congenital heart disease, Danielle Tailleur has traversed the healthcare system and speaks from personal experience... Read more.

Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute

‘Inside job’ restores quality of life

New technique unblocks arteries without need for open-heart surgery at the Maz... Read more.

Pre-hab makes cardiac patients fitter for surgery

M. chimaera infection confirmed - open heart surgery patient

Infection related to heater cooler units used in open heart surgery... Read more.


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