Grande Cache is currently without network, landline or cellphone services

911 calls can still be made from cellphones but 911 calls cannot be made from landlines. The Grande Cache Community Health Complex remains open and continues to provide care to all patients. EMS continues to be available for area residents. The cause of the issue is being investigated by Telus.

The PHC Integration Network is a customized Strategic Clinical NetworkTM (SCN) that was established to improve health outcomes and patient/provider experiences, while addressing challenges in Alberta to reduce spending in healthcare.

Connecting academic research, clinical evidence and innovation with front-line providers, the Network will facilitate new ways of delivering care throughout the province, focused on local best practices and coordination of services. We will work with partners to find solutions for common challenges in the system, such as long wait times, transitions in care and lack of access to specialists or other services.

Placed within the AHS Provincial Primary Health Care Program, the PHC Integration Network works closely with several key partners, including patient/family advisors, AHS zones and provincial programs, Primary Care Networks (PCNs), the Primary Care Alliance, other SCNs, Alberta Health and academic partners to improve transitions of care at every level. The Network will support integration priorities as they are identified by primary care within the zones. 

Working collaboratively, we will create an environment where Albertans feel supported as they navigate the healthcare system. At the same time, healthcare providers will be better equipped to address the complex needs of their patients.

With a focus on community-based primary care services, Albertans will be supported to get the care and social supports they need in the communities where they live.