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Your wellness matters, and for 2018 we want you to share what balance looks like to you!


We know setting goals can help you make positive changes to your wellness. To help you keep track, set SMART goals, download your Wellness Scorecard or write down your goals on the balance sheet to keep you motivated.

From our Mayors, to sports teams or on the job site, wellness is important to all of us. Show us what balance looks like to you!


November Spotlight: Become Sleep Savvy with Effective Sleep Habits



Healthy Eating

February – March

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Healthy eating emphasizes healthy food choices, variety and portion sizes. A healthy eating environment makes it easier for you to eat well and maintain healthy eating habits. There are many benefits to eating well, such as better overall health and lowering your risk of chronic diseases.

Mental Wellness

April  – June

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Mental wellness is your ability to feel good and function well on a day-to-day basis. It can take many different forms and vary from person to person. Positive mental health is an important part of managing your stress and feeling balanced overall.

Physical Activity

July  – September

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Physical activity is more than just exercise – it is any type of movement produced by your muscles that uses energy. Being active is a simple way to improve strength, reduce your risk of chronic diseases and improve your mood.

Sleep & Fatigue

October  – November

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Sleep is an important part of managing your fatigue. Fatigue is a state of feeling physically or mentally tired or exhausted. The amount of sleep each person needs to feel balanced varies, but getting regular and restful sleep can help you combat feelings of tiredness and improve alertness.


Inspire Others

Spread the word and challenge your friends! Post a video or photo of how you maintain balance! Share through social media #AHSwhatsyourbalance