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At Alberta Health Services (AHS), the provincial system of record for health referral information is the Alberta Referral Directory (ARD). The ARD was developed through a partnership with the Alberta Medical Association, Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services, to ease the complexities of the referral process.

The ARD is a secure, online directory that provides access to service and consultant (physician) demographics, referral guidelines, referral forms and detailed instructions to efficiently and effectively facilitate referral acceptance without delay.

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How do I get support in using the Alberta Referral Directory?
For more information on ARD, contact us toll free at
1-855-889-8899 or email

Generic Referral Form

Used to make a referral to ANY scheduled AHS service.

Specialty specific investigations or requirements may be necessary for the referral to be triaged, and should be attached and sent with the generic referral form to the receiving service.

Generic Referral Form

Referral Forms by Service

If you can't find the service you are looking for please use the Generic Referral Form above or find the service by searching the health care locator and contact the service directly to request a copy of their referral form.

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