Calgary Ophthalmic Medical Technology Program

Based at the Rockyview Hospital

The Calgary Ophthalmic Medical Technology Program (COMTP) is a full time two year program. The program runs from September to June each year. The training itself is a mix between didactic classroom learning and one-to-one hands-on instruction. Emphasis is placed on the practical clinic training.

  • 2-year full time training program in the field of ophthalmic medical technology.
  • Based at the Rockyview Hospital and is supported by Alberta Health Services.
  • Recruitment of students start in the spring of each year.


  • to provide high-quality educational instruction to students
  • to attain and maintain accreditation through the Canadian Medical Association
  • to train students who will integrate effectively into the ophthalmic community

NOTE: the COMTP program is closing June 2018.

Who is an OMT?

Profession Overview

Ophthalmic Medical Technologists (OMTs) are an integral part of the eye health care team. OMTs collect data and perform ophthalmic diagnostic procedures under the direction of an ophthalmologist.

Areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Patient Work-up
  • Ophthalmic Photography
  • Ophthalmic Ultrasound
  • Visual Field Testing
  • Electro-diagnostic Testing

OMTs are skilled professionals working in a team environment that lends itself to a long-lasting, rewarding, well-paying career.

Program Description

Structure and Sequencing

The COMTP is a full time two year program. The program runs from September to June each year. The training itself is a mix between didactic classroom learning and one-to-one hands-on instruction. Emphasis is placed on the practical clinic training.

Instructional Strategies

  • Interactive didactic lectures (some may have to take some distance education courses in addition to the regular teachings). This program is not a distance education program.
  • Independent learning
  • Hands-on clinical teaching sessions
  • Clinic time with direct patient contact under supervision
  • Full time program Monday to Friday 0730-1600


  • Based in the ophthalmology clinic at the Rockview Hospital and the Alberta Children's Hospital.
  • Staff includes 22 ophthalmic medical personnel who cover all levels of ophthalmic medical personnel including ophthalmic assistants, ophthalmic technicians, orthoptists, and ophthalmic medical technologists.
  • Also staffs three nurses and twelve administrative support staff.
  • Multiple examination rooms and diagnostic equipment. The diagnostic equipment allows the clinic to perform many diagnostic procedures on the eyes. These procedures include visual field testing, ultrasound, photography, low vision services, emergency eye care, electro-physiology testing, and many other specialized tests.
  • Performs ophthalmic diagnostic testing for approximately 60 ophthalmologists in Southern Alberta and interior British Columbia.
  • 21 ophthalmologists in the Calgary area who routinely run clinics on site.
  • Currently 3000 patients visit the ophthalmology clinic per month; with 9000 procedures being performed monthly. The number of patients seen has increased more than 25% over the last 5 years.

The ophthalmology clinic is committed to education with weekly academic rounds and monthly technical rounds. In addition, there is an ophthalmology residency program which provides many teaching opportunities.

Mission / Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission of the Calgary Ophthalmic Medical Technology Program (COMTP) at AHS is to provide premier, comprehensive but individualized, and up-to-date training in ophthalmic medical technology. By providing an educational environment that is committed to ophthalmic medical technology, the program aims to graduate skilled, innovative, and highly motivated individuals who will continue to promote the profession.


The COMTP is designed to train students in the profession of ophthalmic medical technology. In light of this, students enrolled will be integrated into the clinical setting with the hopes of developing into critical thinkers and skilled practitioners. Daily interactions with patients, ophthalmic medical personnel, ophthalmologists, nurses, and administrative staff will solidify the student's role in the clinic.

The primary objective of the program is to increase the number of OMTs in Alberta/Canada. The need for more skilled OMTs is increasing due to growth and attrition.

OMTs are not licensed as independent practitioners. Their patient oriented skills, however, generate important information that is used by the ophthalmologist, leading to the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease. It is for these reasons that a second objective is to train students to the highest level possible.

As with most professions, job descriptions vary highly from workplace to workplace. In order to prepare students for work in any institution or private clinic, the curriculum shall reflect the entire scope of practice for OMTs.

The COMTP is structured according to and cross-referenced with the "National Competency Guidelines, Canadian Ophthalmic Medical Technologist" prepared by the Canadian Society of Ophthalmic Medical Personnel (CSOMP) and the "Criteria for Certification and Recertification of Ophthalmic Medical Personnel" prepared by the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO).

Contact Us

Colleen Schreiber, OC(C), COMT, CCRP
Clinical Instructor / Program Director
Phone: 403-943-3903

Mailing Address:
COMTP Ophthalmology Clinic
Rockyview Hospital
7007-14th Street SW
Calgary, Alberta, T2V 1P9