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Weight Wise Adult Community Team

Edmonton Zone

Weight Management Workshops for Health Care Professionals

The Weight Wise Adult Community Team (WWACT) is pleased to offer a variety of training sessions to health care professionals on adult weight management topics.

For information about patient and community services that we offer, view our program details

Foundations of Obesity Management

A full day workshop that:

Target audience: health care providers who are new to working with patients with obesity or need a refresher on obesity management.

To register for an upcoming session fill out a registration form and e-mail completed form to

Binge eating, ADHD and Obesity Management

Description: A half day workshop which examines some conditions commonly co-morbid with obesity, and which can prevent effective obesity management.

The workshop focuses on:

Prerequisites: None. Previous attendance at the Foundations of Obesity Management training day would be beneficial but not necessary.

To register for an upcoming session fill out a registration form and email completed form to

Weight Wise Workshop Facilitation

Many of the Weight Wise Patient Education Workshops have been made available for our health professional partners to access and deliver to their clients. The process and eligibility for facilitating these workshops differs between the “Non-Nutrition” and “Nutrition” workshops, as outlined below.

Non-Nutrition Workshops:

In order to access workshop content, organizations must sign a copyright agreement with Alberta Health Services (AHS). Please e-mail Admin at with the information below to start this process.

Training is not required prior to facilitation; however, providers who are interested in getting additional support are welcome to:

Nutrition Workshops:

The Alberta Health Services Adult Weight Management Nutrition Workshops are a provincial resource and part of a training program designed to support Registered Dietitians in providing consistent, evidence-based weight management nutrition messages to patients across the province. As such, the workshops are only available to be delivered by Registered Dietitians who are trained facilitators and are therefore not available for external use or facilitation by other healthcare providers.

Becoming a Trained Facilitator

Please email , indicating your request for Nutrition Workshop Facilitator training. You will then be put in touch with Nutrition Services to continue the process.

For additional weight management nutrition resources that are available to Registered Dietitians and other healthcare providers both internal and external to Alberta Health Services, we invite you to visit our Nutrition Services Online Resource Catalogue.