AHS PET Cyclotron Public Disclosure

The AHS Class II license for the PET Cyclotron operates under an operating license issued by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Communication with our community is a key part of our operation. AHS uses a public disclosure protocol to relate information to the public on the issues relevant to licensed activities in the facility including:

  • Health and Safety
  • Security
  • Environmental impacts
  • Issues related to the lifecycle of the facility

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There are currently two cyclotron facilities in Edmonton that produce radiopharmaceuticals for medical use: the Edmonton PET Centre at the Cross Cancer Institute (AHS) and the Medical Isotope and Cyclotron Facility (MICF) at Balmoral (U of A). These cyclotrons are similar devices but can produce different radioisotopes, offering a more diverse suite of radiopharmaceuticals for medical diagnosis and research. The Edmonton PET Centre’s primary focus is on the development of new radiopharmaceuticals and clinical imaging tracers for diagnostic imaging. The basis of MICF will be to produce large quantities of Tc-99m, the classic isotope used in Nuclear Medicine imaging studies. The facilities do collaborate, as demonstrated by the efforts of the Edmonton PET Centre in conducting the proof-of-concept tests for the production of Tc-99m prior to the MICF installation.

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