2017-2020 Health Plan & Business Plan

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The AHS Health Plan and Business Plan is a public accountability document spanning a three-year time frame. It describes at a strategic level the actions it will take in carrying out its legislated responsibilities with a primary focus on delivery of quality health services.

Health Plan and Business Plan development is guided by direction received from Alberta Health and is aligned with and supports the Ministry’s business goals. A key feature of the plan is ensuring that mechanisms for measuring and monitoring results and achievements are identified.

Health Plan Goals: Our Commitment to Albertans

These objectives and outcomes will propel us toward our vision and outline our commitments. Within three years, Albertans can expect a stronger, more integrated provincewide health system from Alberta Health Services (AHS). We are focusing our actions on increasing care in communities, achieving better health outcomes, and continuing to work on sustainability.

By putting these operational goals into action, AHS will emerge better positioned to meet the health needs of Albertans today and in the future. We are also supported by work done to date finalizing an AHS vision, mission and values, as well as four foundational strategies that focus on our people, our patients, research and innovation, and the information management and information technologies required for a best-practice healthcare system.

Four Organizational Goals

Goal Objectives / Outcomes

Below are the goals with their related objectives and examples of the priorities we are undertaking to achieve these goals. We have also defined performance measures and targets over this three-year health plan, which will enable us to evaluate our progress and allow us to link our objectives to specific results. In this way, we can track the differences we make to Albertans.

Goal 1: Improve Patients’ & Families’ Experiences

To achieve better health for all, we must take a different approach to the planning and design of services, ensuring our health system is integrated and co-ordinated between providers and patients. This will improve the experiences of patients and will lead to improved clinical practice, a more co-ordinated approach to team-based care, and more satisfied patients and staff.

Objectives / Outcomes

goal one

Goal 2: Improve Patient & Population Health Outcomes

We encourage Albertans to be co-partners in health. To reflect this, we actively engage with patients and families, staff and physicians, volunteers, local communities and other health partners. Together, we are building a health system that gives patients control over factors that affect their health, improves service quality, promotes leading practices, consistently applies standards, and increases local decision-making.

Objectives / Outcomes

goal two

Goal 3: Improve the Experience & Safety of Our People

We have a skilled and dedicated workforce of health professionals, support staff, volunteers and physicians who promote wellness, prevent disease and injury, and provide healthcare to a diverse population every day. We also host students from universities and colleges, providing clinical education experiences.

Objectives / Outcomes

goal three

* Employee engagement rate is based on a five-point scale, with one being ‘strongly disagree’ and five being ‘strongly agree’ for overall satisfaction AHS employees responded about the work they do at AHS.

** Disabling injury rate is the count of disabling injury claims per 200,000 hours based on Alberta Health Services (AHS) paid hours. A disabling injury is defined as any Workers Compensation Board (WCB) claim resulting in lost time and/or modified work.

Goal 4: Improve Financial Health & Value for Money

As we face service and cost pressures, we will continue our efforts to manage expenditure growth and to maximize the value of each dollar we spend to remain within provincial budget targets. We have to evolve and adapt to a changing system with increasing demands. This requires innovation to work differently, while maintaining quality and safety. We must also make difficult decisions in the coming years to contain costs and become sustainable, and guide future planning to reach positive financial health.

Objectives / Outcomes

goal four