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2020 Board & Committee Expense Reports

Alberta Health Services amended existing travel and expense policies to align with the new policy released by the Alberta Government for travel, meal and hospitality expenses.

The Public Service Relocation and Employment Expenses Regulation (Alberta) outlines expense requirements for the AHS Board and the Committee members. The AHS Travel, Hospitality and Hosting policy includes the public disclosure of approved expense reports submitted by the AHS Board and Committee members, which are available below.

Both AHS’s Travel, Hospitality and Hosting Policy, and the Public Service Relocation and Employment Expenses Regulation for the AHS Board and Committee members, support this organization’s commitment to accountability, transparency and sound financial stewardship.

Claims are reported after they are approved, which is why an expense may be posted several months after the transaction date. Transaction dates of all expenses are provided.

AHS Board Expenses

Dr. Brenda Hemmelgarn
AHS Board Vice-Chair

Brian Vaasjo
AHS Board Member

David Carpenter
AHS Board Member

David Weyant, AHS Board Chair

Glenda Yeates
AHS Board Member

Heidi Overguard
AHS Board Member

Hugh D.Sommerville
AHS Board Member

Richard Dicerni
AHS Board Member