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Monitoring Measures

There are a number of measures that AHS monitors internally to help inform us about some other areas of the health system.

These 19 monitoring measures do not have targets and some of these measures do not have benchmarks across the country for comparison. However, these measures are familiar and of interest to Albertans and are available here.

Monitoring Measures 2016 – 2017

The most recent quarterly report reflects the year’s previous quarters as well as previous fiscal years. These reports will be updated quarterly effective 2016-17.

The Annual Monitoring Measures are only reported annually such as life expectancy, immunization rates and cancer screening.

Archived Monitoring Measures

The 2015-16 monitoring measures are available here.

These 19 monitoring measures are part of a previous set of 52 measures (previously referred to as Tier 1 performance measures). These are related to health care access and based on requests we receive for this information, are of the most interest to Albertans. The archived reports on the whole set of the previous 52 measures can be found in the archived “performance measures".

Additional Measures

Performance Measures

AHS has 17 performance measures which are used to monitor how our health system is performing. 13 measures are reported quarterly and four are reported annually and will be included in the year-end AHS Annual Report. These measures align with national health care standards and benchmarks are available here. These are the way we measure health system performance in Alberta. These measures provide information from across the continuum of health care and most of them have national benchmarks so we can see how our province’s health system is doing compared to the rest of Canada.