COVID-19 info for Albertans & Health Professionals and about Visiting Patients.

Do you have COVID-19 Symptoms? The Self-Assessment is a quick way to ensure you get the testing you may need.

Advice for People Tested for COVID-19

novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

If You Have a Positive Test Result

If You Have a Negative Test Result

COVID-19 Autodialer

As of Wednesday, April 15, all Albertans being tested for COVID-19 will have the option to receive their negative COVID-19 test results over the phone through an autodialer system. Individuals being tested for COVID-19 will be provided with the opportunity to consent to the autodialer method of receiving negative COVID-19 test results at the time that they are referred for testing.

This expansion of autodialer use to all Zones of AHS follows the success in Calgary Zone, where the autodialer option was implemented on April 2.

All Albertans who receive negative results are advised to visit for additional important direction on steps they still need to take to continue to keep themselves and their families healthy.

Testing is now available to any symptomatic Albertan. If you are experiencing symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat, please visit to complete the online assessment for testing referral.