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The Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute (MAZ) is a world leader in complex cardiac care and surgery. With a collaborative approach, a team of highly skilled cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, cardiac care professionals, researchers and educators is advancing the prevention, detection, treatment and study of cardiovascular disease.

Volunteering at Our Site

Many volunteers of various ages assist professional staff at the Mazankowski in providing care to patients, clients, and their families. Volunteering at the Mazankowski will enable you to gain experience in a complex and unique hospital setting specializing in cardiac health related treatments and services for patients and families available in western Canada.

Opportunity Knocks!

If you are interested in volunteering with the Mazankowski, please contact Volunteer Resources, located in the University of Alberta Hospital (Walter C. MacKenzie Centre, 1G1.02) or phone (780) 407-1965. Volunteer Resources will advise you about available volunteer positions and can provide you with an application package. After selecting a particular volunteer program, you will be scheduled for an interview with a Volunteer Coordinator. This opportunity allows you to meet with Volunteer Resources and discuss your skills, interests, availability, as well as learn about facility guidelines.

All volunteers are asked to make a minimum of a six month commitment (same day and time each week). Most placements are daytime hours during the week and last two to four hours in length. In order to volunteer, you must be 18 years of age.

Outpatient Cardiac Clinic

Welcoming visitors to the area and tracking guest services used. Direct patients and families to clinics and provide advice regarding services available throughout the hospital. Monday to Friday, days.

Allard Patient Education Centre

Assist with questions that arise and provide information. Assist families with the use of internet and web site access, printer, fax and photocopy services. Ensure a supply of health information resources is available. Monday to Friday, days.


Assist patients and visitors by providing a warm reception, showing the way to areas and providing non-medical information to lessen the anxiety during their arrival and departure from the Hospital. Monday to Friday, days.

Pet Therapy

Volunteers and their pet(s) visit patients in designated areas. The pet and owner team greets patients; the owner then assists the patient to pet and interact with the animal. Days, evenings, weekends. More exciting opportunities are being developed.

What our Volunteers are Saying

"I love volunteering at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute! I view being involved in the Maz as a win-win situation; I have helped many patients and also have learnt a lot about healthcare myself. Whether it’s directing people where to go or assisting with weekly health sessions, I always have a great time helping out. Being in pharmacy now, volunteering has made me realize the importance of patient care and the differences it can make. I am grateful for the friendly, helpful staff and everyone involved at the Maz. Thank you for the wonderful experience and memories!"

Volunteer Resources

For more information or to hear about volunteering opportunities, please contact Volunteer Resources:

Apply online to be a volunteer - http://bit.ly/UAHVolunteerApp

Phone: 780-407-1965

Email: volunteer.uah@ahs.ca